After NLP training I started becoming more confident. I told myself I deserve the best ​and started treating myself that way. I noticed during this period, there was a sudden increase of men interested in me​. The funniest story was with a man who left his restaurant meal unfinished and chased me on the street when I was practicing “Confidence with a smile” exercise. Soon I reached a state of mind where I was READY to date​. I decided, this time I would choose the man, instead of being chosen. Within one month I met my ​future husband​. It was fast, effortless and fun! 

I started organizing NLP workshops focused on dating and later added private coaching. Gradually, I developed M-Ray method – a specialized extension of NLP by combining NLP with energy levels according to Dr. Hawkins.

The M-Ray method provides a framework in which it is easy to see a structure in the early stages of the therapeutic process. I specialise in helping people with confidence and overcoming childhood traumas as part of their search for better relationships.


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Michaela is a NLP coach, therapist and author of the bestseller “7 pillars of children’s self-confidence”.

Originally from Slovakia, lives with her family in Belgium. She works with adults, she created her own method of quickly identifying which psychological symptoms are related to which energy levels and how to move to higher levels, where a person automatically does better.

Her M-Ray method has also gained interest among psychologists as a tool to accelerate progress in therapy.

In 2013 I was 32, divorced, frustrated and stuck. After all the bad experiences, I became scared to get hurt again. I still wanted to have a nice relationship, but I didn’t realize I was sabotaging myself. Despite going occasionally out, I wasn’t really open for a new relationship. I persuaded myself that I was happy to be single. However, when I saw couples holding hands, it made me feel sad. 

I asked myself: “What am I doing wrong? Why other women get so much and I don’t?​“ Eventually I realized I was behaving like a “good girl”.

I got inspired by this fast result and wanted to help others.

I noticed it is not so much the practical things about dating that make a difference but the time before that. What takes the longest is to reach the READY state of mind. ​After that, the results come surprisingly fast.

I wrote a book Mindful Diva Dating​, where I described how to reach such state of mind and to attract the right kind of men.

From my work it became obvious that mental blocks originate in similar situations in childhood. I identified 7 pillars of self-confidence. After my daughter was born, I was thinking how to safely guide her through these areas. I thought about sharing this information with other parents. In 2021, I published a book about children’s self-confidence in Slovakia, which became an instant bestseller and soon was it translated to other languages.

I was invited by the national TV in Slovakia to share my knowledge about the 7 pillars of self  confidence.