Managing your energy, not time: understanding body chemicals

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Ria, a 35 year old manager,  was excited about exercising in the evening and going out with friends. Unfortunately she had to cancel both, because her energy tank reached zero in the afternoon. She barely dragged herself home from work. As much as she was looking forward to the evening, she became unmotivated and decided to stay in and go to bed early. This was not the first time it happened but she hoped another day would be better…

Has this ever happened to you? It is very frustrating. We need time to properly rest in order to have more energy. However there seem to be never enough time. And even the limited  time we have, is often  wasted due to  lack of  energy. What a vicious circle!

timeIf time isn’t the answer, then what is?  What takes our life energy away? What can bring it back?

There are two main groups of energy drainers, physical and mental.

Physical energy drainers: lack of sleep, unhealthy and heavy food, dehydration, being in pain, being sick, extreme temperatures or other conditions and physical blocks in the body preventing proper flow and circulation.

Mental energy drainers: stress, inner in-congruence, toxic emotions, negative self talk and mental blocks.

Both physical and mental energy drainers have effect on the biochemical balance of our body.

As long as we have a biochemical balance, our body has an amazing self healing capacity. It can overcome infections, heal wounds, recover after difficulties, produce enough energy and function properly.

Weak immunity

One of the big energy drainers for our body is fighting diseases and symptoms such as pain. According to Dr. Tomas Kaspar, author of book, “Don’t Rush to the grave”, Our immunity can deal with almost everything as long as it is properly nourished and developed. The cause of the diseases aren’t viruses and bacteria but a weakened immunity system, that isn’t able to deal with the infections.

Professor Benjamin Lau,  an Immunologist at Loma Linda University in  California, led a research about the effect of refined sugars to our immunity. He found out that eating 10 teaspoons of sugar reduces the activity of neutrophils by 50% for a period of 5 hours. Eating 30 teaspoons of sugar paralyzes the neutrophils completely, for the whole day. Neutrophils are responsible for “eating” and liquidation of the bad bacteria,viruses and dead body cells.

Europeans eat on average 101 gram of sugar a day (24 teaspoons), which is according to BBC more than twice the amount recommended. Americans consume even higher amount, averaging 126 grams. (30 teaspoons). It is no surprise people who eat a lot of sugar, suffer from various diseases.

The scientist from Loma Linda University then studied the effect of fasting on the activity of neutrophils. They found out when people didn’t eat for one day and only drank water, the activity of neutrophils increased and the effect lasted for 60 hours. When people added to the fasting also fresh fruit and vegetable juices, it stimulated the neutrophils activity for several days.

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According  to Dr. Jozef Duraj from the Institute of Experimental Oncology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, lack of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients is blocking proper function of immunity. But luckily it works the other way too. When we detoxify and nourish the cells, the immunity cells become very active. Fasting cleans the cells and the fruit and vegetable juices provide micronutrients.

According to Dr. Tomas Kaspar, when we eat unhealthy food, our body is filled with many unnatural  chemicals (toxins) that have to be released, otherwise we would get eventually poisoned. Our immunity system is in charge of cleaning these substances from our body. When it is overwhelmed by the clean up, it resembles to a soldier who is cleaning mud all day. In the evening he is exhausted. Suddenly there is an alarm due to digesting food infected with salmonella. Can the soldier  jump full of energy and fight or is he going to lethargically drag himself?  When we have weakened immunity, with exhausted, paralyzed or unequipped soldiers, infections easily take over. When our body is too tired to prevent an infection, it gets even more exhausted by fighting a disease. Our energy reserve gets depleted. Without proper energy recharge, we are more likely to quickly develop another  infection and complications.  

In the part 2 of this article, we will look at mental energy drainers, at their biochemical aspect, mainly talking about the effect of stress hormones.  

Managing your energy, not time: Nine steps of mental detox

How to do a recharge on physical level?

The advice of doctors about  healthy food, fasting and exercising are valuable but nothing we haven’t heard before. The challenge is finding time and place for it in our busy lives. What if there was a special place just for me, without distractions, where I can do it?

As a manager in a multinational corporation, going through  several acquisitions and divestitures, I was under a constant stress. With the busy schedule,  responsibilities and deadlines, I didn’t even consider taking time off when I felt sick. Instead I relied on my  strong will to  push myself further. Time went by and I was getting worse. I  suffered from low energy, compromised immunity and health issues. My body was fighting one infection after another and every six months I developed a new health problem. It was going on for 2 years till I was diagnosed with a burn out and had to stay home.

Weeks went by and I was making very little progress. I was taking antibiotics like a candy and developed additional problems and allergies. My body was fighting on so many battlefields, that my battery was still close to zero. I felt frustrated for not getting better.

It occupied my mind how can I do an energy recharge and immunity boost. Simply having time to rest wasn’t enough to  make a difference.  I really needed to make a major reboot of my system, in order to break  the downward spiral of my health and energy.  I read books and researched this topic  and eventually decided I wanted to try  juice fasting.  However it required a lot of discipline and proper facilities. I wanted to go away from any kind of stress, household duties to be able to focus on just myself getting better. I didn’t want to have temptations to eat sweets, and risk of giving up after a day or two. I knew I could not do this at home, watching everybody else eating normal food.

Capture2I searched for a place offering juice fasting with physical exercise and activities to release stress. I did not find an ideal place, so I decided to develop the program myself, at my parents cabin in nature. My mother agreed to join and we committed to follow a  7 day fasting with vegetable juices, nut milk for proteins, water, yoga, Pilates, daily hiking in the woods, sauna and massage.


We supported each other and were surprised, it wasn’t as difficult as expected. During the first three days of the detox we were a bit tired and needed to take naps  during the day. After a few days we started  sweating with a very strong odor, which signals major toxin release. The daily physical activity, including mild running helped prevent major muscle loss. Our body was burning the fat. The stretching exercises, massage and sauna helped reduce knots and muscle pain and increased our flexibility and blood flow. Sauna and colonix also helped with the toxin elimination. The constant supply of  micro nutrient nourished our cells.

waistOn the day 7 I felt  happy,  I woke  up early in  the morning full of energy, my joints didn’t hurt,  I  lost 2 kg (from 59.5 to 57.5)  and some centimeters of stubborn belly fat. My nose wasn’t running with allergies as it used to  the previous 9 months.                                                    My mother lost 5kg and  as a diabetic, reduced her blood  sugar levels to almost normal. She was feeling very positive and motivated. We were both amazed of what effects can be reached in just 7 days. Our bodies were so happy, we agreed to repeat the cycle after a few weeks.  Again, the experience was great.  


I became a fan of juice fasting. I continue this practice  and want to share this quick and effective method with others who need a body reboot. 7 days is ideal for a major reboot, while  2-3 days is easy to start with and provides a quick detox and energy recharge. If you only have one day, it is still worth doing it. Consider it as a regular body maintenance.

oasisI have developed a balanced body and mind program Recharge Oasis”, with juice fasting as well as beneficial physical and mental activities. If you are curious about  this program or would like to support my efforts in any way, I will be happy to hear from you at

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