How to date after divorce for 30, 40 and even 50 year old!

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When I was getting a divorce, It seemed as if that was the end of my life. It was hard to imagine THERE IS LIFE AFTER DIVORCE. If you are struggling, the story of Amelie might inspire you to move forward.

Amelie is a 49 year old executive in a large corporation. She is divorced and for many years didn’t have a serious boyfriend.  She used to tell herself:  “There is no chance for me to find a boyfriend, men are afraid of women like me – tall, loud, and too confident.” One day she decided to look into that sincerely and realized that she had no serious relationship because of herself.

coupleThe difference between possible and impossible consisted of three items in Amelie‘s case.

  1. Making room in her heart and in her life for a man.

She accepted the idea to have someone again. She stopped protecting herself from the risk of being hurt.   She decided to make time for someone in between a lot of social engagements.

  1. Being kind to men who were kind to her.

Before, when a man approached her, Amelie used to flee or turn the men down with no interest. Now she decided to smile, be talkative, be kind, just be herself.

  1. Creating favorable occasions to meet single men

Amelie commented on the lack of “natural” meeting occasions: “At my age, my group of friends are usually couples or families. So that is not the best place to meet singles.”  Because of that she put a strategy in place for creating opportunities.  She created an online profile in a trustworthy dating site. She also subscribed to another site for sociable events for singles, and committed to attend at least one event per month.

Let’s pause for a moment in the story. Ask yourself. What reason are you telling yourself justifying why it is not possible?  If you are really honest to yourself, what is creating the difference between possible and impossible for you? To explore reasons that might be holding YOU back, you can download my free e-book here.


Now, let’s go back to the story. Amelie recalls her experience:

“After I put my strategy in place, I started smiling at men who smiled at me. And by the way, I started liking it. I realized it is really nice when a man smiles at me or makes a kind comment.  It is very good for my self-confidence. I created my online dating profile, with a current picture and a short description. Everything sincere and smiling.”

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greece coupleAfter Amelie registered on Tinder (dating site), she recalls:  I started playing: like, dislike, like, dislike.  At first I haven’t initiated any conversation. After a few days, I got less shy.

“Finally I selected four men, with a nice picture, around my age and decided to meet. Each of them wrote to me something I liked, something that moved me. Each one asked a delicate question about me, my life, my family or my passions.I was very shy the first time, then I started enjoying it.  The key is to be curious about the person you will meet. It’s quite exciting to discover someone new.  It is nice to ask questions, to feel free to say who you are. All four of them were really moving. They have taught me something new and I had great time. One of them became a good friend of mine. Another one became my lover and two years later my husband.”

“Luic is a lovely person. He is an artist and he calls me his Goddess.  He is so different from me. Most probably we would have never met if it wasn’t for online dating. At first I was concerned that he was shorter than me, and makes less money than me but after I accepted this and stopped worrying about some general society expectations, I experienced the best time of my life.  We are in love like teenagers. I didn’t think it was possible in my age anymore. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we decided to get married and move in together including our children who are studying at the university.  My experience made me curious, open, tolerant, and gave me outstanding opportunities. Give it a try!”

How to register on Tinder.

Use your smart phone or tablet. Search for TINDER in the App store. Install the application to your device. Then open the application and sign up with your Facebook profile. As soon as you compete the registration, you will start seeing available men in your area in the age group you have selected. Have fun. 🙂

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