Five steps to attract Mr. Right

heart cloud“What is preventing me from meeting someone I would like?

Have you ever asked this question?

I did, when I was in my early thirties, after a divorce and being single for several years.

I struggled with the dating topic. I wished for a nice relationship but I wasn’t really ready. I pushed men away or kept myself busy with the unavailable ones. I waited for somebody great to find me but he wasn’t showing up. I didn’t see I was sabotaging my chances, until one day.

A friend of mine, in her late forties, shared her analysis why things didn’t work before and why it works for her now. She uses models of success behavior, which we studied together at NLP University in California. That helped me moving forward.


smiles“It took me several years to decide to give myself a chance for a real relationship.

After that, it only took one month to meet the man of my dreams!”

I did my own analysis, figured out what was holding me back, took action and the result came very fast. I found it fascinating that when there is a clear structure, it becomes possible.

After it worked well for me, I thought about documenting the process, to help other women as well.  While everybody has a different situation, I realized that the obstacles consists mainly of just four simple things.  I created four steps to help with the analysis of your unique situation.


dinner future“I used the four steps myself. Two years later, I am enjoying great time with my fiance. And my friend, who helped me moving forward, is already happily married!“

 Where would you like to be in two years from now?

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Thank you for your interest and wishing you bright days in your dating life!

Michaela Ray